Wednesday, December 11, 2013

they came to tawau

Salam..happy holiday guys...
Alhamdulillah,on 20th to 26th nov,my mum and my 2 younger bro n sis came to tawau.
We had short holiday break here b4 i joined them go home on 26th nov..
For the first day after they arrived,we went to semporna..i booked dragon inn resort..not bad..good view n cheap rental fee.only rm80 per room.

That was my first time stayed in this resort as well..then we rode a boat to round the nearby island.
We stayed here for 1 night only..then back to tawau for the next day.we stopped by at bibik's corner restaurant to eat payau (rusa)
 Then,the rest of days i bring them look around tawau city at pasar gantung..pasar tanjung..
Hopefully they have fun here..=)

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Salam... I got chicken pox!!!this is for the second time... is it real??i'm confused too... but, after searched info about this,it is possible... first time I got it when I was 6-yr-old.

 then, I went to Klinik Famili in Tawau n got the certificate as above...=(
Do u know what is Chicken pox???
Chickenpox (or chicken pox) is a highly contagious disease caused by primary infection with varicella zoster virus (VZV).[1] It usually starts with vesicular skin rash mainly on the body and head rather than at the periphery and becomes itchy, raw pockmarks, which mostly heal without scarring. On examination, the observer typically finds skin lesions at various stages of healing and also ulcers in the oral cavity and tonsil areas (courtesy from Wikipedia)'s kind of virus...
pic above shows the medicines I got...
Minna-san,pray for me...I want to go to work n freely go anywhere...=,=
BUT there must be a good reason for me to get this disease at this time..
Allah wants me to get relax a bit n muhasabah diri...
it has been a long time I stay healthy..


Friday, September 13, 2013

my fifth convo!!

Salam...what's ur opinion about convocation ceremony?? For me,it's a very formal event that have protocol and etc... however,still i love to join this ceremony,.. don't say it is a waste of time! If u r the only one that don't want to go,just fill the form by stated not going. No need to condemn the ceremony coz still the committee member need to organize this n it's not an easy task to do. Once, i became a committee member for convo fiesta..lot of things to handle for such a big event... why i said this is my fifth convocation?? I'm not lying,.this is the truth,, here are list of my cnvctns:
1. Tadika islam raja dewa ;6-yr-old
2. Mrsm kuala lipis ; form 3
3. Mrsm kuala krai ; form 5
4. Utm skudai ; bachelor degree
5. Upsi ; diploma

Yeah,attending convocations at different places will give u dffrnt view.. next convocation also will be at different place,insyaAllah..:-)

Lot of people contributed for this fifth convctn. Thanks a lot to puan diyana for helping me take jubah n sent me from batang kali to tnjg malim at night with husband n baby dhia... thanks to su n hannah,my ex-classmate during degree for warm hospitality..i stayed at their house for 2 nights n they rent a car for me..if they r not helping, my journey will not be this ease... thnx to my younger brother,kere for coming to tnjg malim by bus n accmpny me,being my photographer for this event.. to k.mun n k.mim,being best sis stayed together for entire event... and all people who support me esp my family n friends, those wishing congrates,thank u... may Allah pay your good deeds:-) Thank you Allah...
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Indonesia-part 1

Salam...i want to fulfill my promise to share with u all about my trip to indonesia last june..
Actually, we planned to go to indon in January. However,due to a few reasons,we need to postpone our plan. postpone the plan but tickets were "burn"..(-;-) Don't be sad..there must be a good reason that we don't know. our flight KL-bandung is on 4th june 2013 at 1.30pm,by Air Asia.. the picture below taken in flight KB-KL.

landed at lcct from kb

we r kelantanese..we brought nasi kerabu from kelantan n had our breakfast at food court lcct

flight to bandung delayed for half an hour.alhamdulillah, we hv time to jamak from here. in the flight, we will be given a form to be filled n submit when we arrived at bandung airport.

then,arrived safely at bandung airport..alhamdulillah

the hotel that we booked manage to pick up us at the airport..forget to capture the picture of pak supir standing while holding paper written my name*feeling foreigner =)

where we stay??? here...ORANGE HOMES SYARIAH...u will not expect there is a hotel inside along the way to go to this hotel..

After check in, we took bluebird cab to go to toko buku n round2's quite late evening..

when we hungry, we find something to eat here..this was my brother's meal

this was mine

this was my sis'

n these r my sis's books that she eager to look for...the author: Oki (heroin KCB) xcept that kitchen sc. kit

Thursday, August 15, 2013


$@l@π @!&!/£¡¿®¡...... understand???Good!!!
I have to mark pra trial papers n lots of other works to do actually but still in raya mood... Oh God,ease my works...amin:-)
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our theme for this year is 'made in indon attire'...all of these jubahs n shirts we bought at pasar baru bandung during our trip last juni:-)

Monday, August 5, 2013

iftar with kids..

Ramadhan has come to the end.. 2 days left...may Allah accepts our ibadah during this barakah month..
One of my activities during this ramadhan is breaking fast with my students at their house/ reataurant...i went out about 6 times along this ramadhan to accompany them breaking fast outside...i try my best to say YES to all invitations i got..only a few of them i need to refuse due to certain reasons..
My first aim is to get familiar with roads in tawau...that's why i'll drive my car when i went to their house..there's no point wandering around just to know the road,well at least i have a purpose for driving,.:-) however,it's only for the first 2weeks becoz then teacher need to be in the bus together with kids to guard,no more driving..
I didn't have experience breaking fast at my classmates' house when i was a's like a culture here where they love to invite friends breaking fast together at house.. may b during my schooldays no one initiate this event... after have a conversation with my housemate,i realise the kids that make this open house very brave in term of showing their life to the others.. yes,it's not easy to ask all classmates come to our house if our house is small,lacking of something etc.. however,they manage to handle this with their family..bravo!! May Allah pay ur good deeds dear...
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Homeroom photo 2013

Hi,..ten of us for this year
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Trip to bandung 2013

Salam...hohooooooo.... it has been a long time i did not update my blog...
now, i have a new story to share with u all...based on the previous entry, i told u that i want to visit indonesia. Alhamdulillah, my wish has been granted by Allah... i went there with my sister n my younger brother..weeeheee... will tell u full story later=)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My mission

Salam...minna-san,i would like to share one of my missions...hehe...

Travel to somewhere special (aim : oversea) once a year... =)

Mission has been achieved for a few years but not for last year..coz i'm busy with my diploma during school holidays and school days as well =(
However, i plan one in the early of this year..but, i cancelled my plan last minute due to the work+bad condition at the place i planned to go.. then,tickets n hotels has been cancelled.. nevermind,with Allah's wills, i will go there one day..amin..

Here are the list of that special places i visited :
2008: Singapore
2009: Japan
2010: Saudi Arabia
2011: Cambodia
2012: No oversea visit. but in Malaysia,have some- Semporna (Mabul & Kapalai Islands)
2013: Indonesia(cancelled)-but still planning another trip..heee

In my opinion, travelling somewhere out of our region is challenging n we need to take high risks for everything...however, u will feel how close u r with Allah coz everytime u want to explore new place where u don't know anyone,u will put 100% ur trust in ALLAH and always ask His guides to help u in order to get something. To communicate with strangers ,u need strength to do so. And i love travelling in a small group actually. If i join a big group, i will become an obedient follower. I don't get the chances to do self-exploration  because everything has been planned by the tourist guide or the head of the group. Then, it become less challenging.. No point of exploring, just visiting.. But,still we need to consider a few things b4 we go for travelling. For example,if we visit the country that not use English language as medium for communication,make sure u know a bit their mother tongue. If not, u'll be in a big trouble. For example, when i went to cambodia,luckily i made the right decision to join a group under a company to go there. Most of the resident not fluent in English. In that group we have our travel guides who are the local people. Then,they will be our translator. But if u plan to go to Indon, no need to look for agent. For sure u know their language a bit.. Then, do some exploration =) Same goes to Saudi Arabia(esp Mekah n Madinah area),sellers know Bahasa Melayu!!no need to worry,..but still u need Mahram if u go there for,don't do self-exploration alone.. n my passport will be expired in the early 2014!! Need to hurry...AirAsia,please do a big sale!!LOL...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

hard to believe

salam... last night, i had a conversation with my students...then,we talked about family and their background.. then,i of them told me that she's an illegitimate child..whaaa..i'm shocked!!don't know what to say..n just hear their story...sure i don't blame that child..but how pity is she.. n she never know her father. her mother will not tell her anything about her father even a piece of photo.. how lucky am i when i listen to their story... it's hard to believe that i know someone near me is having this kind of problem likes in the drama... n different people have different story....n i learnt something from this conversation..

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tice Marie

This entry is special for my housemate!!Madam Maria... 
one by one my friends left me here..;(
Maria is my housemate since the first day i came to tawau..
she's talkactive,fun,caring,friendly n etc. 
She's married last year n now she's a mummy-to-be.. she's matured..i love to share my secrets with her because she'll give me good advices.
Maria, i will feel a bit lonely without u here.. No one will take care of me like u did. 
Now i need to be more independent..huaaaa... 
If i feel tension because of work, i will feel relief a bit after having conversation with u..
 i didn't cry when u left me last afternoon..the tears didn't come out from my eyes BUT they r flowing through my hearts !!!
Everyone will feel your absence..i'm sure... u r good to all.. 
Thank u very much for being such a great friend after all. 
Never forget me here n have fun in Sandakan with ur hubby...

With love,
-housemate for 2 years-