Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Puan D.

Salam. This entry is special to my best friend, Pn Nur Diyana binti Md Sidek...
i will feel shy to tell u face to, i use this method..heee.. 
i know u since orientasi week for new MRSM teachers batch 2011 at KKTM Beranang. At that time, i thought u r arrogant..hee..u never look for me.. 
i'm the one that look 4 u n ask ur phone no.
.then,u seems didn't so excited when u found out i'll go to the same school as u..haha.. then, i knew that u already booked ticket together with an ustaz. fineeee... 
ok,i'm alone n diffrnt flight frm u..never mind..
then, i go alone..say goodbye to myself (= =') .that's only a short broken heart.. don't worry.. 
i didn't take it seriously, just a funny things back then..

however, at tawau, we went to the office together n join the morning call ,
met principle,did medical check-up..n bla2..
Then, we become best friend....some secrets we shared, some we keep to ourselves.. 
but then, when we need help, we will look for each other..heee...
after this, i will lost someone that i can ask for help.. honestly speaking, u helps me a lot...
Thank u very much Puan D..
 u can drive,while i'm not.. u can memorize the road around tawau,but i'm not...
u have vry strong stamina,while i'm weak.. the best part is u didn't tired melayan kerenah i....
i'm happy=)one of the reasons i enjoyed myself at tawau is because i have a loyal friend like u..
we become warden together,even stayed at dffrnt house..go to morning call,warden's meeting toghtr,.. n ambush toilet at 2a.m together!!! most unforgettable memory ever...
when weekend,mesti u melepak kt umah i kan,story mory...
we always meronggeng together pada zaman kite sama2 single.. try to recall ea...
first trip time cuti bulan 3' 2011, p umah cousin u d kinabatangan, then to sandakan n kk...second trip p semporna with k.aisya juga...then,trip2 d semenanjung pn ada... p celebrate hari guru peringkat mara d picc time cuti sklh tgh thn 2011..p dip ed sama2...buat keje2 mengarut skit2 same2... pernah join kamu p dating, cari barang hantaran bagai...waaahhh...lots of memory.. n one of memorable time was attending your wedding ceremony!! Allah bg saya kesempatan yg lancar utk menghadiri majlis kawen u tau..
siap maktab sponsor ticket flight k....
then ade p.cik yg jmpa tgh jln tlg anta p stesen bas kt umh u dll pnglmn menarik d c2...haha...

Puan D, i want to ask for apologize...forgive me for all the bad things i did to u... May Allah bless ur family, get how many children that u wants, get enough money to be used, n become KJ together with me *one day perhaps...hahaha... Hope u will have fun at J.B.. 
n never forget me here..

                                                                                         the only same gender postingmate

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My reflection for 2012

want to blabber here..don't angry at me..
it's your choice to read or not..haha
ok, it has been a long time i don't write a "long" essay about my life here..
honestly speaking,i'm happy with my life now the way they r..
living in Sabah makes me become more independent and resourceful..
i still don't have a car till right now..but planning to  buy one next year,insyaAllah..
however,it's not a big problem for me..alhamdulillah,lots of kind people around me that willing to help me whenever i need their help..
for this 2 years, i never  rode on taxi to go the city...
but to go to airport,yes,sometimes i took taxi when i was the last one left the school...
i like the surrounding here...not so stressful.. 
the co-worker also ok..can negotiate with them..
life as a teacher is challenging,sure...
especially when u r  a warden..but u will gain lot of experiences then..
sometimes u can be as fierce as lion when u shout at them to go to surau, sometimes u need to act like shaman when someone histeria, sometimes u can be like a lovely mother to take care of your kids when they r sick..when u live together with them in the same gate at hostel,they will love to visit ur house..
easy for them to ask questions(for hrdworking stdnts)'s not a problm 4 me..
except those who want to watch tv at my house when all of my housemates r at home..that disturb our privacy,..but if i'm alone,then it's ok to accompany me n help me clean the house..^_^..

i remembered my friend,Siti told me when i asked her about tawau 
when i got offered here..
she said,tawau just like kota bharu.. don't worry too much..
then, when i stayed here, i realised that she told the truth... 
i mean the city not so developed as KL but still u can get what u want here...
easy access to airport, a few shopping complex(there's Giant hypermarket here k), but KB have a few more la... all banks hv the branch here-
maybank,bank islam,tbg haji,rhb,cimb n ext...
KFC,McD,Big Apple,Secret Recipe,Pizza Hut,Gardian,Watson-all are here..don't worry... 
what else do u want??may b coz i'm not so shopaholic, so i didn't care too much about branded items..if u love branded one,may b u preferred k.kinabalu instead of tawau.. 
if u come here,sure u will visit the fish market.. the price is so wonderful..
u still can get fish with the price rm2.00 per kilo..naaa!!
n there's pasar gantung,where u can buy brooch with pearls,
kain batiks n other accessories..

From the story above,it doesn't mean i don't want to go back to my hometown...
Like a quote says "Gold rain at other country,Stone rain at our country,however our county is better" -sounds weird???whatever..but i know u understand,right?!...>,<
do pray the best for me k... syukran jazilan...=)

Saturday, November 17, 2012


busy studying, learning, doing assignment n bla bla...
well, lot of memories remain in my mind and heart as well for 2012=)
n a few aims didn't accomplish by this year.. insyaAllah will be accomplished by next year..

with my homeroom students -Yale Uni.1 

with  my students - 4 creatiive

Sunday, October 7, 2012

1 week in peninsular malaysia

salam... 2 weeks ago, i went to 2 schools in negeri sembilan for benchnmarking ulul albab..very peaceful environment...

then, i went to my friend's reception at pontian...

i went to utm as well and met siti,wani,ira,bay dll..
bought a new laptop..
then, went to pasir gudang to meet my sister..first time go to her house..
then, went to kl for another course for 3 days..
full with activities...
when i came back to tawau,join majlis pohon restu..
on the next day, continue my trip to tuaran for family day..
huaaa.... exhausted a bit...
but, satisfied!!!alhamdulillah...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding in Sabah

Salam... yesterday,i went to a wedding ceremony here.. both bride n groom are my co-workers... then, we made a trip convoi together.. 
at Syamri's house

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

EID 2012

Salam... happy eid... although quite late to wish...hehe
just layanz photos yang sedikit sopan...ngee... 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

balik kampung

salam..yeay,this entry should be posted earlier coz school hldy has come to the end..huhu.. 
but i just have mood to update right now..
last week,i fly from tawau to lcct in the morning. then arrived lcct at noon. my sis fly from johor while my little brother from kelantan. one from borneo,one from south and one from east.then, we meet at the west.. 
so variety!then we ride on a bus to klia together,the fee is rm2.50per head..why to klia?

yes, coz our lil bro,izzudin, will further his study in u.s 

jpa' briefing

abe mi, kak teh's husband(our cousin) came n treat us break fast at secret recipe.. 

represent our family send him at airport.. 

 with kak teh n her childs (elis n elyna)

his friends..

bye bye bro..may ALLAH protect u wherever u r.. 

then, i went to lcct coz my flight to kb was at 8am in the next morning.. then, meet cik D..sahur with her at lcct.. slept at surau for a few hours n check in departure hall... then, arrived at pengkalan chepa!!
next story??next time ya,..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

with class 4k

on the way to hasanah's house

salam..last weekend,4k members break the fast together at hasanah's house. her house situated at tanjung batu laut..unique house,surrounded with,we need to cross the bridge to arrive her house.

Friday, August 3, 2012


sungkai..huhayy..yesterday,our homeroom break fast together a restoran kayu manis,near the mosque at the town..buffet rm10 per head.not bad..we combone 3homeroom together..

Sunday, July 8, 2012

teacher-parents meeting is academic report card day for some school.means parents come to school n meet teachers n talk about their kids. for pmr n spm candidates only,those not perform well last sem exam. so, i need to meet about 30parents today since i teach form 3 students.however,a few of them didn't manage to come..

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Isyadi's birthday

Last Friday, I accompanied kak shida's homeroom members went to k.shida's house at taman semarak. what for?? to celebrate her son's birthday...happy 1st birthday to Saiful Bahri Al-Isyadi....
we went there by bus..about 30minutes journey..

kak shida baked this cake n decorated it herself k..

her homeroom members except a boy at the very front

isyadi's mum n dad

ok,make sure everything clean n clear b4 going back...

thanks kak shida for inviting me join this time don't forget to invite again >,<