Monday, August 19, 2013

Indonesia-part 1

Salam...i want to fulfill my promise to share with u all about my trip to indonesia last june..
Actually, we planned to go to indon in January. However,due to a few reasons,we need to postpone our plan. postpone the plan but tickets were "burn"..(-;-) Don't be sad..there must be a good reason that we don't know. our flight KL-bandung is on 4th june 2013 at 1.30pm,by Air Asia.. the picture below taken in flight KB-KL.

landed at lcct from kb

we r kelantanese..we brought nasi kerabu from kelantan n had our breakfast at food court lcct

flight to bandung delayed for half an hour.alhamdulillah, we hv time to jamak from here. in the flight, we will be given a form to be filled n submit when we arrived at bandung airport.

then,arrived safely at bandung airport..alhamdulillah

the hotel that we booked manage to pick up us at the airport..forget to capture the picture of pak supir standing while holding paper written my name*feeling foreigner =)

where we stay??? here...ORANGE HOMES SYARIAH...u will not expect there is a hotel inside along the way to go to this hotel..

After check in, we took bluebird cab to go to toko buku n round2's quite late evening..

when we hungry, we find something to eat here..this was my brother's meal

this was mine

this was my sis'

n these r my sis's books that she eager to look for...the author: Oki (heroin KCB) xcept that kitchen sc. kit

Thursday, August 15, 2013


$@l@π @!&!/£¡¿®¡...... understand???Good!!!
I have to mark pra trial papers n lots of other works to do actually but still in raya mood... Oh God,ease my works...amin:-)
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our theme for this year is 'made in indon attire'...all of these jubahs n shirts we bought at pasar baru bandung during our trip last juni:-)

Monday, August 5, 2013

iftar with kids..

Ramadhan has come to the end.. 2 days left...may Allah accepts our ibadah during this barakah month..
One of my activities during this ramadhan is breaking fast with my students at their house/ reataurant...i went out about 6 times along this ramadhan to accompany them breaking fast outside...i try my best to say YES to all invitations i got..only a few of them i need to refuse due to certain reasons..
My first aim is to get familiar with roads in tawau...that's why i'll drive my car when i went to their house..there's no point wandering around just to know the road,well at least i have a purpose for driving,.:-) however,it's only for the first 2weeks becoz then teacher need to be in the bus together with kids to guard,no more driving..
I didn't have experience breaking fast at my classmates' house when i was a's like a culture here where they love to invite friends breaking fast together at house.. may b during my schooldays no one initiate this event... after have a conversation with my housemate,i realise the kids that make this open house very brave in term of showing their life to the others.. yes,it's not easy to ask all classmates come to our house if our house is small,lacking of something etc.. however,they manage to handle this with their family..bravo!! May Allah pay ur good deeds dear...
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Homeroom photo 2013

Hi,..ten of us for this year
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