Tuesday, February 26, 2013

hard to believe

salam... last night, i had a conversation with my students...then,we talked about family and their background.. then,i of them told me that she's an illegitimate child..whaaa..i'm shocked!!don't know what to say..n just hear their story...sure i don't blame that child..but how pity is she.. n she never know her father. her mother will not tell her anything about her father even a piece of photo.. how lucky am i when i listen to their story... it's hard to believe that i know someone near me is having this kind of problem likes in the drama... n different people have different story....n i learnt something from this conversation..

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tice Marie

This entry is special for my housemate!!Madam Maria... 
one by one my friends left me here..;(
Maria is my housemate since the first day i came to tawau..
she's talkactive,fun,caring,friendly n etc. 
She's married last year n now she's a mummy-to-be.. she's matured..i love to share my secrets with her because she'll give me good advices.
Maria, i will feel a bit lonely without u here.. No one will take care of me like u did. 
Now i need to be more independent..huaaaa... 
If i feel tension because of work, i will feel relief a bit after having conversation with u..
 i didn't cry when u left me last afternoon..the tears didn't come out from my eyes BUT they r flowing through my hearts !!!
Everyone will feel your absence..i'm sure... u r good to all.. 
Thank u very much for being such a great friend after all. 
Never forget me here n have fun in Sandakan with ur hubby...

With love,
-housemate for 2 years-