Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My mission

Salam...minna-san,i would like to share one of my missions...hehe...

Travel to somewhere special (aim : oversea) once a year... =)

Mission has been achieved for a few years but not for last year..coz i'm busy with my diploma during school holidays and school days as well =(
However, i plan one in the early of this year..but, i cancelled my plan last minute due to the work+bad condition at the place i planned to go.. then,tickets n hotels has been cancelled.. nevermind,with Allah's wills, i will go there one day..amin..

Here are the list of that special places i visited :
2008: Singapore
2009: Japan
2010: Saudi Arabia
2011: Cambodia
2012: No oversea visit. but in Malaysia,have some- Semporna (Mabul & Kapalai Islands)
2013: Indonesia(cancelled)-but still planning another trip..heee

In my opinion, travelling somewhere out of our region is challenging n we need to take high risks for everything...however, u will feel how close u r with Allah coz everytime u want to explore new place where u don't know anyone,u will put 100% ur trust in ALLAH and always ask His guides to help u in order to get something. To communicate with strangers ,u need strength to do so. And i love travelling in a small group actually. If i join a big group, i will become an obedient follower. I don't get the chances to do self-exploration  because everything has been planned by the tourist guide or the head of the group. Then, it become less challenging.. No point of exploring, just visiting.. But,still we need to consider a few things b4 we go for travelling. For example,if we visit the country that not use English language as medium for communication,make sure u know a bit their mother tongue. If not, u'll be in a big trouble. For example, when i went to cambodia,luckily i made the right decision to join a group under a company to go there. Most of the resident not fluent in English. In that group we have our travel guides who are the local people. Then,they will be our translator. But if u plan to go to Indon, no need to look for agent. For sure u know their language a bit.. Then, do some exploration =) Same goes to Saudi Arabia(esp Mekah n Madinah area),sellers know Bahasa Melayu!!no need to worry,..but still u need Mahram if u go there for,don't do self-exploration alone.. n my passport will be expired in the early 2014!! Need to hurry...AirAsia,please do a big sale!!LOL...