Saturday, May 30, 2009


salam...there's a collaboration meeting at EPOCHAL,Tsucuba..somewhere north Tokyo..i joined this trip together with others from Kuno's Group...dis was my 1st tm in shinkansen(bullet train)..-with yan kee in shinkansen.wear mask as prevention as dis was swine flu season-

-mount fuji (view from shinkansen)
the collaboration meeting called COMET(collaboration muon electron transformation).a few members from another countries like canada,uk....came here for dis..

that night,there's collaboration dinner..all the members of the collaboration including me..hehe..but,only a few meals i can eat..never mind..

after 2 days attended this meeting..that's time to back to osaka..then,we have the chances to go sightseeing around tokyo,akibahara, tokyo,we went to tokyo tower=)..

KEK... you know KEK? for me,dis is my 1st time..KEK actually is High Energy Accelerator Research, lots of experiments were set's very large area and lots of's located at tsukuba, at the nrth of tokyo..we visited this KEK about 2 hours..

Saturday, May 16, 2009


this morning, i went to of the prefecture in Japan..from Jica,i went there with my snior by walking to Handai Byon Mae station.then,we use Osaka Monorail to Minami Ibaraki.Then, Kazuki-san,who my snior knew him b4 this, went together to Kawaramachi station by JR line (train).. then,we met kazuki's friend,Kume-san..

1st, we went to The Golden Pavilion(Rokoun-ji Temple),which is very famous wif its own history.,the entrance fee is 500yen..there's very nice view..u all must say..wahhhh..

nxt trip was walking to Ryoanji Temple.the entrance fee was 400yen..there's the rock garden,tea-room Zoroku,Kyoyochi pond n ext...arigato gozaimasu kazuki-san for pay us the fee!!!

1st week in japan...

salam..i would like to share some story here about japan...actually, i come to japan to have industrial training here..i stay at JICA Osaka and go to Osaka University(Toyonaka Campus)for that research training..there's lots of new things i hv learnt for this 1st wk..let me tell u that i'm not alone here..the others from UTM skudai are Hilmi(snior) n tan yan kee(my clsmt)..japenese cultures are very unique..the citizen also always obey the rules although sometimes it seems like it's no need to do so..