Friday, March 9, 2012

KejOhaNaN SukaN 2012

Salam... This was the second time our school held this big event!!Luckily, i can join for this 2nd time. I'm Kapalaian. There are 4 "rumah sukan"- Kapalai, Mabul, Mataking & Sipadan. Names of the islands in Sabah.
 with k.Shida n k. Yati as spectators for launching ceremony






our mascot accompany the representative to receive present for the best marching team!!

with mummy-to-be, kak sue n miss Aisha....

Friday, March 2, 2012

First Homeroom Outing..

Salam....  Today, we went to KFC near Pasar Rakyat at bandar Tawau. 
Who are we? Yeah, Homeroom Yale University 1... 
All of the members are Form1 students, except me, as homeroom advisor..=) n Miss Aisha joined us too. Thanx to Miss Aisha for helping me ordered meals to them while waiting me buying this cake.. ^_^
 Yes, we celebrated birthday for 3 of our members,their names as above.

Izzat, birthday boy a.k.a abang long

Kak Long, Fariha,on the left and Wani..birthday girls.. That guy is Rizwan,president.

 Fir,on the left...on-time person

With Fitri, cute girl and Grace,outgoing person

 Middle: Shahrizan,happy guy,love to make jokes

 with Oday..always neat n tidy...wherever whenever

 Remy.. obedient n innocent guy..=)

not perfect picture, where r u Grace...?hidden..

K guys, insyaAllah we will do lot of things together later. So, enjoy ourselves n always love our homeroom k!