Saturday, April 24, 2010

My FiNaL seM is OveR..

These thesis belongs to me...n I will submit on this monday(due date)..hopefully i can meet my supervisor on that day coz i don't hv his sign yet.....huhu..Praise to Allah...everything goes smoothly to print n bind these thesis..

Now I would like to share with u all bout my trip to Saudi Arabia n Egypt,insyaAllah on the 5th May.. However,we still short for a few thousands, but we try our best to get the money.. So,if u all would like to contribute some,lets join our programmes:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Salam readers..
Today,i would like to express my feeling about word "KOTA BHARU"@ in jawi كوت بهارو @ in chinese 哥打巴鲁... my late greatgreatgrandgrandparents said it should be Kota Bharu,not "kota baru@kota bahru".. although it's old spelling,we must to respect our ancestor,who "open" this,please.. U must to spell K.O.T.A  B.H.A.R.U.
symbol of the city
Since I was a child,i discovered that lots of newpaper stated 'Kota Baru-.... ' To all the reporters,web designers n anyone who want to type the name of this city,write it clearly.. don't make any confius.. may b u all cnfius with johor bahru,right?? it's different spelling although the meaning might be the same: "new".. When i want to apply application for smthng via intrnt,it also make the setting kota's frustrating.. Please understand our feeling as Kelantanese..huhu.
 u see..
this one is correct..
If u all don't believe this story,please alert from now on how they write "kota bharu"..especially in english newspapers..(i read one for today n it's obvious..just search by your own which nwspaper)

Friday, April 2, 2010

.: FiNaL eXam :.

Salam... yes,final exam is around the 1st paper on this Tuesday..
Here are some tips i want to share with u all
  1. Have all necessary material with you
    You can't borrow items such as pens, pencils, rulers or special equipment while in an examination.        
  2. Have a relaxing night before your exams
    Have an early night, and try to have a healthy breakfast.
  3. Read the entire paper.
    Where you have choices, decide which ones you plan to answer.
  4. Plan your time.
    Spend some time drafting a plan for the questions you choose to answer.
  5. Jot down ideas as they come to you.
    While you are answering one question, information about another may suddenly occur to you. Jot it down somewhere because when you come to that question perhaps an hour later, you may have forgotten it.
  6. Don't leave any questions unanswered.
    If you are short of time, use note form. Remember, you can only be marked on the answers you give.
  7. Never leave the room early.
    If you have time at the end, go over your work, add information (eg in the margin). You can't return if you suddenly remember a fact after you have left.
  8. Do not spend too long on multiple choice questions.
    With multiple choice questions it is best to cover the answers and work out your own before looking at the choices on paper. If you can't answer the question come back to it later - have a guess.
  9. Never omit an entire question.
    No matter how well you answer other questions, you must leave time for all questions - a perfect answer can still only earn a certain number of marks. If you write nothing, you can't receive any marks and you have lost all your marks for a particular question. Write something - it may at least give you a few points.
  10. Maintain a stable energy level.
    Eating foods such as chocolate bars before an exam might give you an energy boost to begin with but your blood sugar levels will drop within an hour and your energy will plunge dramatically, making it hard for you to concentrate.                                                                                                          source :
                                                                                so guys, pray for my success too~  hopefully this final sem will be more meaningful to me... n can't wait for ESGLOB...i'll tell u soon about ESGLOB..