Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The end Of ReseArCh TrAiNinG...

Last evening, we had a presentation 4 our final project..title: A sTuDy TO SEaRch Q-BaLLs FroM thE UniVerSe..praise to Allah..everything go smoothly..dat evening,we had some small party at the same building..our meal :sushi...good2..so,i can take anyone i want bcoz dat 4 sure"halal"...thnx to all kuno-ken who prepared our party..then,we gave some speech to xpress gratitude to them..they also same..said nice to meet us..(~.~)*Touching*...so,here i want to proof dat we had prsntation n party..huhu..
thnx to all!!u all vry sporting!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

JaPaNese DrUm PerFoRmaNce..

on sunday night,there's a performance in the hall in OSIC..from 7.30-8.30pm..they were students from which academy,i dunno..just see their physical strenght to "hit" the drum cheerfully..hihi..dun believe me??ok2..watch the video below k:::

Sunday, June 28, 2009


salam...as usual.,.i will continue to tell a story about my trip..jeng2!!dun jeles ea..ur turn will come nxt..insyaAllah...last week,i went to tenjinbashi-suji,somewhere near JR temma station..act,dia street vry long..it's cover about 3subway station.i dun xplore every path as my leg bcome weak aftr 5hour keep on walking..(>0<)..i want to mention here that i walked alone as it's better to go on my own way..vry cmfrtable than walking wif someone no"one head" wif u right??being alone,i learn on how to be independent..sounds like matured..yerkkkk..however,i luv my journey here..i can go to any shops i want n skip that not interested one..hehe...here,i spent about 5000yen..yeah..searching svnrs n some clothes as well..i found the white slacks dat i look 4 it in such long tm..that one suited me n so cheap..so,what's more to wait..just grab it n pay..(*~*)

Saturday, June 20, 2009


salam...last saturday,i went to tempozan village,near subway osaka-ko station..from there,i went to Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan..let me introduce my new friends together ent there..they were Wong,Chai and Ku-san...they r from China..now,doing some research here about disaster precaution technology@smthg like that..i dun know the exact research they r doing..ehhe..ops..1 more..yan kee..i know them via yan kee..thanx to her..these people vry kind..i dun feel so awkward when i was in their grup..they treat me well as i was part of them..i mean they realize my body exist there..hehe..the entrance fee is 2000yen but we chose package with ferris wheel,so,total were 2600yen..dis aquarium containing 35,000 aquatic animals in 14 tanks, the largest of which holds 5,400 tons of water and houses a variety of sea animals including whale sharks. This tank is the world's second-largest aquarium tank, behind the Georgia Aquarium, whose largest tank holds approximately 29,000 tons of water. i dun know how to compare with the aquarium in malaysia as i never visit any in malaysia..sorry my country..i just get xcited to explore evrythg here..=0 wonderful

1st time try dis..ngee~~

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

nippombashi n namba

last sunday,i went to fish market,located at nippombashi..however,i buy nothing as it's quite expensive..may be it's fresh,but i don't have lots of free time to cook and i must make reservation first to use the kitchen..that's why i felt so lazy to buy these things..then,,i wanted to shop somewhere in namba..so,i don't want to fill my hands with fishes..hehe..ops,..sorry not to include my sightseeing partner because they r same people..my practicalmate from malaysia..read my post b4 this..i already stated..kihkih..lots of people said that namba looks like akihabara..yeah..that's right..lots of shops along the streets there..sometimes,i get confius as there r so many streets with various names..there,i try to search smthg to buy..and what i got??a micro sd card that my bro ask me to buy in japan..may b quite cheap than m'sia..i don't reaaly know..then,i found 100yen shop..lots of things there but we can get it in m'sia too..so,i don't know what should i buy..but,still shopping bout 10000yen..including train fee and my lunch there..