Wednesday, August 24, 2011

R.a.m.a.d.h.a.n's fasting??best?good... *thumbsup*
when i was in university, i always went to mosque to iftar together with my friends..
or attend any invitation for iftar at any college or someone house...
we shared eat using talam..but now, in ramadhan 2011  i never eat using talam..
miss that to eat together using talam..feel that ukhwah..
however,for this fasting month, my housemate and I join our neighbours breaking the fast together..
got lots of new recipes from them..hehe... they r marvellous chefs... 
so,as junior chef, i will try to practise that later..

“Berjama’ahlah dalam menyantap hidanganmu dan sebut nama Allah padanya, nescaya akan mengandung berkah bagimu” (Silsilah Hadits-hadits Shahih no. 664).

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Salam...JDRM???gerun x???
huhu...klu u all dlm sistem MRSM,u all akan tau ape tu JDRM/JDM..
klu kesalahan yg berat/amat berat, masuk la JDRM..yg sdrhana,masuk JDM aka Jemaah Disiplin Maktab..
dulu ade gak kengkawan yg kna msk JDM/JDRM sbgai bdk yg baik(cehhhhh), sy xprnh berkenalan la dgn jemaah ni.

bUT now, i masuk jugak....why??? i salin minit msyuaratnye..hee..
oo...gini rupanya JDM ni..patut femes sgt sape yg msk..
sbb ramai lawyer2, pmerhati2..ala2 mahkamah sekolah la...

Moral of the story: Don't u ever try to join this jdm/jdrm..behave yourself..
mahkamah dunia pn dah byk kna soal siasat, apetah lagi mahkamah akhirat sana...

Monday, August 1, 2011


salam.. want to share with u all about convo...
do u feel excited for convocation day???
of am I..
my convo was in last elder sis' convo this year..a few days ago..

  this pic taken on 28-7-2011

this pic taken on 28-9-2010..

can u see the difference??
1. songsang sisi...hehe.. i mean just like reflection image(look at the position)..get what i mean??
2. yeah, different graduate, university..
3. different brother accompany us..

1.mum n youngest sis always being there...
2. our uncle, ayah mi accompany us..only ALLAH will repay your good deeds...

next graduation pic??my younger bro..hopefully i can be there..heee