Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Salam.. last Sunday night,i joined Dinner Form 3.. although i don't teach them,just join to give support to my friends n students..

Venue : Promenade Hotel,Tawau
Date : 23rd October 2011

 Ni la ballroom nye..

 from left: kak aya (geng p cafe), dyna (geng jln2), maria (geng luahan hati a.k.a my housemate)

 my neighbours, kak azi n kak mutiah

our meals

student mane??ermmm...kna view from album in this laptop la because very very feminine,follow the theme on that night...(padahal takut u all compare dgn cikgu2 nyer..sure tertukar which one yg cikgunya...huhu)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Story Last Week

Salam...yeahhh... great weekend after all... actually,after i attended workshop in Penang, i transit to my friend's house..at Jelatek,KL... TQ very much Pikah for entertain me!! such a big n great villa... i'm in love with the design of the house..want to dream to have a house like that..teehee... pikah is my coursemate, she works with Smart Reader now.. Interesting jobs,deal with children.. then,we went to night market at jalan TAR n jalan masjid India.. such a long street selling lots of clothes, foods etc... so, i grab 1 cheap handbag n 3 cheap blous...weee...like them..

Before that,i went to Jusco Wangsamaju.. to buy SUSHI!!! wuhuuuuu..one of my things-to-do in KL achieved..kihkih..

Then, on the next day, i have date with Ainun, my collegemate in UTM.. we jogging together at the park near LRT Jelatek..but i just walk slowly coz i didn't bring sport shoes.. then, had breakfast at Kg. Baru..wuhaa..lots of memories at Kg Baru coz i stayed here about 1 month in January this year,attending interviews etc..

But no picture here coz forgot to snap any pics.. however, the memories will remain in my mind..