Friday, January 28, 2011

My sTorY aFteR PlaNtinG GraPes Tree

Salam...alhamdulillah,sejak dari saya mula menganggur sehingga sekarang,sentiasa ada insan2 yg dihantar oleh ALLAH untuk membantu saya dikala sedih dan bergembira dengan saya dikala ada good news...mula2 menumpang kak fida,beliau membantu saya mengangkut barang2 ke sana sini..then,join 2 weeks program kat utm..saya belum cerita pasal program ni kan...ok,jom we story2..

Actually,this programme called UTM Train & Place Marketability Employbility (erk,btol ke eja ni??)..We were the first batch for this programme,different from YGRAC...this course conducted by Career Development Unit UTM. CDU hired Conseiller Consultant as our trainers..They r very good trainers. The participants about 80++..divided by 4 classes; Ruby,Zircon,Sapphire,Emerald..
Actually,i just say YES to join this course while waiting 4 any interview as i still need to settle a few things here..So,without ambik tau sape2 lagi yg saya kenal yg join kursus ni,saya tibai je datang..mula2 ingatkan ada seorang akhawat akan bersama2 join,tapi beliau telah mendapat twaran kerja..maka,sy dh x kisah,masuk je..jumpa la sape2 nnt...Then,pada hari pendaftaran,jumpa la Shu,my coursemate...same block but different level..n then,make friend with rmmate shu,dila..then,dila's coursemate,sarah..n sarah's room neighbour,ely..n i meet kak yani,i knew her b4 this as we stayed at same college b4 this..n she's also,for these 2weeks,6 of us always went to eat together,walked to class tgther n made a trip to balai cerap in an evening.. good memories to be remembered...however,i'm the only one from 6 of us in Ruby class..and Allah gave me 2 friends(fatin n mas) to be geng in the class=),i mean since i already knew this 2 girls b4 this..n it make me easy to join them to go for lunch,pray,tea-time..and one day,i had an interview at danga bay..n my exroommate,yana,doing her master now,accompanied me to go there..i want to state here that there's always someone beside me to help n courage me =)Alhamdulillah...
Then,about my class,Ruby..there's 4 small groups in this class..My group's name is "Pentagon Starfish"..I'm the leader for this group,by randomly selected using changing2 methods..haha,..this group consist of 5 stdnts included me..2boys n 3girls..the special is there's only a chinese guy in this course n he's in my group.. we were frm dffrnt courses..i like this group because we are different..ya,our background,behaviour may b. ..haha..however,we were the best group, which was selected as the winner for Miss Roki's quizzes..hehe..we were the winner because everyone have their own potential..for some task,there's someone good at it..n for other task, another group member good at,we were back up each other's,it's a complete combination..yeah2... My classmates also very kind n supportive..that makes me not feel so shy to speak with them.. i guaranteed u that i talked with all my class members,no one missed..but the difference is i talked only a bit @ too much depends on that person personality and availabilty..hee..

Then,after these 2 weeks,i still stay in utm as i plan to wait till i get cnfrmation where's my placement will be..then, we were allowed to stay in K9(for girls),then, fatin stayed in the same room with me because she have an interview to attend in that week..then,i accompanied her to go to the interview at mount austin..good trip actually coz i never been there..hehe..n then,after due date, i continue stay at kak fida's house.. then,transferred to Ira's room..there's also another friends offering me to stay in their rooms...thank you very much my dear friends..ur good deeds only ALLAH will repay...b4 transferred to Ira's room,i join akhawat jaulah to KL...nice trip,alhamdulillah..
Then,once again i went to KL,attended 2 interviews..about this moment,may b i will story nxt time if i hv time k..oh ya!!the amaxing part is i met my senior in the surau near LRT small the world is..unexpectedly meeting her...then,i stayed at Aishah's house for a night..she's my friend in university,same department but dffrnt course..i stayed at her house in Muar,b4 this..ngehh... tq very much aishah for entertain me for my visit..=)...

So,please don't be too emotional with my story. Just take good part as teladan and bad part as tauladan.. Now,i want to sing Maher Zain song "Thank You ALLAH" coz ALLAH always send good people around me..Alhamdulillah....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

sPeLL iT RiGhT

Salam...want to share something with u all..
ok..i want to ask to spell "fizik" in english??
i mean the subject "fizik"..
is it p.h.y.s.i.c @ p.h.y.s.i.c.s ??
actually,lot of students make mistake to spell this word..
although he/she registered for this courses in university..

please distinguish both of this words;

physic  = A purging medicine; stimulates evacuation of the bowels.

physics = 1.The science of matter and energy and their interactions
          2.The physical properties, phenomena, and laws of something


Thursday, January 13, 2011


Salam...what's wrong with the title???
nothing wrong actually..
 wait till a good time to post my draft..
so,no need to read this..=p

Saturday, January 8, 2011

3rd stage

Salam....Alhamdulillah......i got the offer for interview on this wednesday. Minna-san,pray for me ya..^_^