Sunday, January 11, 2015


Salam. That’s a lot of things happened in 2014. Some are good and some are vice versa, but Allah always test us with what we can face actually.

Some good memories to be remembered are:

-My trip to Vietnam(together  with my sister)

-Went to Langkawi for the first time..coz bring student for a competition

-my sister engaged

-my younger brother return from US n celebrate eid together,then he came to tawau

-Robotics team won a few categories in MRSM Robofair n represent MARA & Malaysia in Russia (i'm one of the advisors..hee)

-accompany students for Lower Secondary Sc camp at MRSM Sandakan,met my ex-housemate n ex-co worker

-got APC award.

I don’t want to call another one as bad memories but it’s the memories that always remain in our heart n keep on praying it will not happen twice.

-My younger brother involved in an accident at Pasir Gudang, in front of his college

-Our house was flooded.

       So, as human we should redha with all of these. Allah always remind us to be grateful with what we got. Although my younger brother was hit by a petronas lorry,(sounds very tragic n imagine the worth thing will happen) only part of bone on his leg was broken. The other parts alhamdulillah ok..even though he need to postpone 1 sem of his study n use crutches for a few months.

         Same goes to heavy flood in Kelantan. That was the first time our nanny’s house getting flooded. However the house is still OK even though some furnitures cannot be used anymore and the house was filled in with mud, compared to Kuala Krai residents,whom lost their house due to this heavy flood. Alhamdulillah…All praise to Allah....