Friday, July 31, 2009

PiNg Pong..

salam..the entry today about ping pong match for SUKAM(for females),which was held in Kompleks Sukan UTM
for 4days started on usual,this is my 1st time went volunteers team:aya,maryam,pkah n bai...our supervisor,mr. jamaluddin..

mr jamaluddin checking our work....
taking photo with ping pong table...symbolic..

believe it or not??
sports for all!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


salam..this my 1st time go into the stadium..huhu..even stadium sltn mhmd IV in kelantan, i never been unlucky..however, i don't feel so xcited about this..may b coz im not an athlete..furthermore,lots of dramas setted in the,i already have that feeling to stand at the center of the stadium..
my work here??actually being a referee..(written on the paper,but in reality is as"flag girl" n "loop counter") the runner pass my corner,i should rise yellow@white far,all the runners behaved well in front of me,so i never use that yellow flag...see,how kind i more,as a loop counter,i must make sure all the runner not cheating@skipping.. we were given the jersey number of the runners and tick on the sheet if they already pass our point..kuikui..

"smelly flags.."

Monday, July 20, 2009


salam...dis is my 1st involvement for dis 5th semester..i become 1 of the volunteers for SUKAM as my college is the "tuan rumah" for this 17th SUKAM(sukanantara kolej mahasiswa)..something like dat le..dis pictures time open ceremony..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

5th SeMesTer ...,i'm senpai..huhu..insyaAllah this is my final year for degree..i don't want to extend!!just finish 6semester for degree in UTM..okkehh??,as always..there should be some new mission for new semester..but i don't want to share my missions here..i just share that with my diary only..however,by hook or by crook,i want to accomplish my goals for this sem!!insyaAllah...

Friday, July 3, 2009

mUHAsABah DIRI..(final episode of japan)

Kali ni,let me write in bm will be stret 4ward..ngee~~spnjg dop kt jpun ni,byk100000x sgt bnda br sy blaja..mmg vry different from mareshia la..dr segi culture,rules,orgnztn n bla2..kna muhasabah lah..kt mane kte pndgn sy psl jepun(my own opinion ea,org len xsmsti same)

1) org jpn blum terima ape tu ISLAM...may b blum tersebar spnhnye kt sini..klu sy jln je dpn public,apsal tetiba rase diriku d pndg..ceeewahhh.. cm model la plak..ade kes tu, ade bdk kecik tetiba lambai tgn kat rase cm badut pn ade..diorg xbiasa kot tgk org b'tudung n pkai lbh tutup dr mak dia..tmbhn pula,ni dh msk summer..n ni la season yg plg seksi..sume buka2..panas la,pns api neraka pasti nye lebih2 lg..ade kes lain plak,sy msk 1kdai ni..p.cik tu pn tetiba je dtg dkt..tunjuk2 tudung sy pkai..pas2,dia cite ape ntah..antara term yg dpt sy tangkap dia sebut"amerika"..ntah la pe dia nk dh bgtau"nihonggo wakaranai.."mean i dunno,dia trs kan cite pn angguk2 geleng2..blah..menakutkn p.cik main roller coster plak,p.cik petugas tu,tnjuk2 tudung..tkut t'cabut ms pusing2 nnt pn "daijoubu.."doesn't matter,moral of the story,nxt time dtg ke jpun,hafal text BHSA JPUN cm ne nk explain psl tudung,Islam,aurat..OK!!(ble la nxt time tu..huhu)

2) malaysia blum d t'kenal di jepun..hehe..bkn nk kutuk ngara sndiri,tp kna terime hakikat la..klu org tgk sy, mst tanya"indoneshia??"..uish..mak cik pn dgn bangga nye"watashiwa mare-shia jin desu"...jd duta kecik malaysia...klu embassy tau,dpt elaun,moral of the story, rajin2 lah rakyat malaysia keluar ngara n bw svnr dr mesia utk d beri kt knlan d ngra luar le dpt promote mesia..kan??..
3)sistem traffic kat jpun agak systematic..kt cni,2 way blh jln sama,then, pjln kaki pnya zebra crossing dpn yg utama..pyh la nk explain..kna tgk,kna p'lukan tolak ansur,kjp je tggu nk cross..btul..n kt cni,mmg tepi jln bsr ade way utk pjln kaki@bicycle@wheelchair lalu..bicycle mmg jln jd mcm pgngktn utama kt cni..bskl diorg x a lawa sgt pn tp besi kuat kot..harga nye sgt2 mahal..almost rm1000..moral of da story: hargai basikal mesia yg murah..heee
4) kmdhn OKU(org kelainan upaya) sgt byk kt bas,mmg ade space utk wheelchair,train pn g2 jgk..toilet pn byk yg utk diorg gn..kt cni,org OKU blh je survive gn wheelchair g sprmarket without guardian..diorg gn auto whlchair cam cite "1 litre of tears" tu..yg aya-chan guna..mmg diorg ade education sndiri utk srvive although x hdp cm org normal len..moral of the story:our gomen should provide these facilities to our citizen,they will encourage to srvive their own life..
5) rumah org jepun..mak oiii..muat2 duduk je..i mean sempit je..n rapat2..diorg sedar, rakyat,kna concern org lain nk wat umah jgk..kereta pn comel2 je..muat2 je..xpe la,diorg xramai yg body bsr..coz evryday nek beskal,dh kurus la..haha..moral of da story:x payah nk tnjuk kaye raye dgn buat umah besar2..bazir ruang je..
6 ) disiplin..kt cni,klu nek escalator,klu rase cm malas nk lompat tgga,sile berada kt sblh kanan ye..(but only valid in OSAKA!!..area lain not sure but in TOKYO vice versa)..klu rushing,lompat la tgga2 yg bergrk tu dgn ikut laluan kiri..escalator tu kan lebar..xyah le ko nk ambk ruang tgh sorg2...divide into 2 ea...left n right side!!
ok lah..that's i want to pack my bag..insyaAllah back to Malaysia tomorrow...


yesterday, i went to arashiyama,in kyoto prefacture...b4 dis,i already see the picture of dis bamboo street..wallpaper dat i took from,after xplore dis place,i found that sagano bamboo street on da way to tenryuji,lots of ice cream stall but i hesitated to buy it..ngee~~dunno the ingredients..

USJ!!! aim to enjoy in USJ achieved..huhu..last wednesday,i went there..survived alone n lastly "yeap!!here is USJ"..the others say that usj like mini disneyland..not so large as in tokyo..hwvr,for me,as 1st tm come to dis kind of place,dat's wndrful..i ride all the attractions offered there..dat was my 1st tm try roller coster~~vry dizzy n amazing!!but,i miss about 3shows as there were clash with another show..daijoubu..i really hv fun here..watching 4-D shrek n sesame they out of the screen and we can feel their existance in front of us..entrance fee??5500yen..dun u dare to cnvrt to RM....hehe..