Monday, March 23, 2009

my tadika..

i would like to share wif u all bout my school..
i mean my "tadika" - Tadika Islam Raja islamic class=1hijau..
lots of memories here..i went to school early in the morning with my late father by motorbike, then, i back home in the afternoon by......try 2 guess..?? tricycle..with another 2girls..that "pak cik" was so kind...when it's raining, he put the plastic cover on us..while he only were "baju hujan"..(`0`)..
we learnt how to recite iqra',rkn islam, rkn iman, read doa..and the most xciting one was every Tuesday(if i'm not mistaken), we queued up and walked to the mosque behind tadika..
we learnt how to perform pray in that mosque

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The topic for 2day is “usrah”…
Do you hv one? If u hv, alhmdulillah but if not yet..try to search one..
Actually, usrah means a group discssn lead by naqib/naqibah,sharing knowledge about the da’wah n islam..tadabur, sirah, akhlak, current issues n so on,.. besides, usrah will give u the feeling of ukhwah, which can’t be described with words. ..Ukhwah fillah… when we make friends with the root is to get the blessing from Allah..InsyaAllah we will get the feel of friendship English quote “a friend in need is a friend indeed”..that means in order to help our friend, we must to do that because of Muslim, we are the same..
I would like to share wif u all the I get involved in usrah…
When I was in form 1, my school already organized usrah group for all the, it was a must to attend the usrah meeting, usually friday night…till form5..this u know smthg??hihi…I hv an experience became naqibah…(when I was in form4)only about 5 months b4 I transferred to another school..
However, in unvrsty, there are dffrnt situation..we are not undr control or rules to join usrah..
So, everyone can go on wif their own path..once they choose the wrong path, they must take all the risks…hopefully, u all choose the right one.. when I was in foundation programme in UTM, I don’t take seriously bout usrah night, I went to prayer room at my block,thought to perform jemaah wif friends..but, I don’t know they hv their usrah, I just sit there n join the usrah..after that, they asked me to join their, OK..i registered officially by fulfill the form..then, I hv usrah frm that starting point…hehe..alhmdulillah..till now, we still going on our usrah after changed naqibah for few times..however, we don’t follow naqibah but the usrah ,right…

Friday, March 13, 2009


in our life, we need friends right??
kind of friends?? for sure u all hv ur own opinion bout dis..
for me..someone that proud to introduce me to her/his another friend
will be declared as my friend..(the term proud not so suitable lar..).
Em...let me think..yea..
someone that will introduce me politely..yea..politely..
sometimes, i hv an instinct either someone want to be my friend
bcoz of something or sincerely accept me..
e.g: when i was in primary school,sport was my weakness. during any PJ subjects,
no one want to choose in to be in their team..however, when the time cames to
make acdmc prjct like folio, grup asgnmt, they were competing each other to hv me
in their hipocrite they were..haha, funny to remember dis again..
well..may b bcoz we were kids on that time..
now,we are already matured to judge this simple things..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


my dear friends....
i'm sure,right now, most of unvrsty stdnts hv hectic schedule rught??
yea..for sure, i'm one of them...
so, the ability to manage the time very imprtnt as we must do lots of works in few days..
as we hv due date 4 that assgmnt...

so, as muslim, we must remember this..
Allah says:
“And there may spring from you notation who invite to goodness and enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency. Such are they who are successful.”
(Ali Imran, 104)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

come back!!!

it hv been a long time i don't post anything here,..
actually, 4get the password lar...
n dun know how to reset the new one..
so, after xploring a bit, i get in then.....
so,starting from now, i'll try to become a useful blogger..haha..