Sunday, April 29, 2012

holiday in kb

This story continue from the last post. Although only have full two days in KB,it's worth spend time with family..n bought something i'm longing for a period,then procastinate to buy last, in kbmall I bought it..huhayy:-)then,we had dinner together at Food Village restaurant, pengkalan chepa. this resaurant has been visited by 'jln2 cari makan' team.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

short trip

Salam u allz, last week,our beloved head of department transferred to baling,kedah together with hea n his wife.. so, our students organised "malam sayonara".. here is the pic of the stage decorated by students.. 
 i didn't capture another pic as not so sharp using my 1Mpx cam...huhu

Then,right now, i'm in Port Dickson... Attending a course...look at the pic below.. my first time in PD actually...

not bad...have a short holiday after marking test papers...huhu..  holiday for what??
happy coz most of them got A @ release tension coz a few of them failed???
2 in 1 may be,.... 
then, will be back home for three days..=)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

after a month

Salam.. yes, first entry for April...
no update means no story to share..
just keep them in my heart...
lot of things happen and quite busy drafting exam papers for next week..
then bla bla... my budget for this month seems slip from the track..
over spent...kuikui..

oh yeah..have a story to share..
last 31st march, our school held Hari celebrate PMR n SPM excellent candidates for 2011 
n principal award for last sem..
n then, the most interesting part is I'M one of the EMCEES...
don't believe??please, believe in me.. my MC partner is Geo' teacher...
n i made a few mistakes!!!=(..
well, that's my first time actually..
i never be an emcee formally b4 this..
the last time when i was in stndard 6,coz i'm a prefect....c, how long the gap is..