Sunday, July 8, 2012

teacher-parents meeting is academic report card day for some school.means parents come to school n meet teachers n talk about their kids. for pmr n spm candidates only,those not perform well last sem exam. so, i need to meet about 30parents today since i teach form 3 students.however,a few of them didn't manage to come..

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Isyadi's birthday

Last Friday, I accompanied kak shida's homeroom members went to k.shida's house at taman semarak. what for?? to celebrate her son's birthday...happy 1st birthday to Saiful Bahri Al-Isyadi....
we went there by bus..about 30minutes journey..

kak shida baked this cake n decorated it herself k..

her homeroom members except a boy at the very front

isyadi's mum n dad

ok,make sure everything clean n clear b4 going back...

thanks kak shida for inviting me join this time don't forget to invite again >,<