Friday, January 27, 2012

Trip To Semporna-Mabul Island- Kapalai

Salam... Last school holiday,during Chinese New Year, three of us came up with a fantastic plan..hehe..
Last minute punya plan..Alhamdulillah, our plan turn to a real n challenging one.
hee...  3 days n 2 night package. The members are:
Miss D, I n Miss Aisha

 Seafest Hotel at Semporna. We stayed here for 1 night.Cost about +-rm150 for stndrd twin bed room

 Floating...Dragon Inn Resort, but already fully booked. Best nye if dapat stay cni,resort atas air ni..

 CBA...ala2 ABC + fruits. Cost rm4++... not bad.

 Crab,fish and other seafood here very fresh..ambik idup2 n then diorang p lama gak r nk tggu..about 1 hour.

 Then, till full

 Round2 area SK Mabul,'s raining actually...

 Starfish!!Lot of starfish here ..

 Kapalai...resort2 atas air..

U all tengok x cite Duyung yg Apek n Maya Karin berlakon.. Menurut sumber, ade jgk diorang berlakon di kwsn tampi2 tu... n Pulau Sipadan.. Tapi sy x sampai la ke Pulau Sipadan..jauh lg.Kami p Pulau Mabul n Pulau Kapalai jak la dulu...

 K,banyak homework blum siap..i'm a student,need to do my homeworkssssss...-salam-