Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday in KL

Salam... yesterday, i went to KL .. accompanied miss diyana buying some "barang hantaran".. well, year end sale after all...alhamdulillah, not so huge traffic in KL...may b KL citizen have their holiday somewhere else.. but a few strange things happen..forgot where we parked the car at SOGO, not encouraged to enter the Zoo Negara when we arrived there because it's already 4.10pm.. The animal will be kept at 4.30pm..=( need to muhasabah why that happen..ermmm (^:^)...then, we wandered around Taman Tasik Titiwangsa...quite big area n so live...lots of people playing lots of game... then, we have our dinner at Arab Restoran, in Kg Baru.... i ordered banana choc~rm10.00...n i forgot the meal's name..unfamiliar with that arabic name..huhu.. moral of the story, quite expensive.. Once a year,o.k..every month,k.o....

After did some audit,  i spent ++rm150 for shopping yesterday...ngee.. all useful things,no regret..
k, now need to do assignments...bye~~

Sunday, December 18, 2011

i cuti, i-ciTy

salam...i cuti,so i pi ke i-city dgn cik diyana nek kete barunya,si citra...heee...
ni la 1st time sy p i-city ni stlh bbrapa thn ia beroperasi...haha.. menara klcc pun blum d tawan w/pun tokyo tower telah ku redah...huhu... Akan ku naikkan lg smgt patriotisme dlm diri ini...heheee..

layan gambo k... 


skrg dh boleh berbual2 dgn org psl i-city sbb dah ade experience... b4 ni jd pendengar jek pasal bab ni.. thanx to cik diyana yg bw sy p round2 i-city.. about 1hour jgk la nk p sana dr tmpat kami skrang...

knapa sy bkn d kelantan w/pn cuti sklh?? sbb sy p dip ed.... next time lor cite pasal dip ed. ni... conclusion nye, no more long school holiday after this... i have some classes to attend.. =)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Post- Mortem Kembara Korban

Salam..Now, i would like to conclude my visit to Cambodia..So,if u read all parts for entry kembara korban, u will understand my comments here..if u don't read yet,feel free to click links below

My opinions

1.  Committee members - OK!give them 9/10... They are still young but can handle such a big programme like this. Actually, need to sacrifice their time with family as well as they work during hari raya,make sure the participants always in good condition... they r friendly n know how to entertain the elder  and younger people as well.. Our tour guide also excellent..They (Rozali n Halimah) can tell us the uniqueness of Cambodia.

2.  Tentative - OK.. If I didn't go to Cambodia,i didn't know about its history.. about pol pot, Champ, Khmer, Islam community , politics in Cambodia, their freedom... The visit to Toul Sleng n Killing Field gave me lots of knowledge about the history of Cambodia.

3.  Communication - Oh,no!! This was the large obstacle. Communication barrier made us(those who don't understand Cambodian language) feel so stress as we can't deliver our message freely. We need translator!! Alhamdulillah,kak ina,one of participants who stayed with same adopted family as me,can speak Cambodian language. Her parents are Cambodian,so she was our translator in the house.. If not, for sure we will talk like "duck and hen" or just talking among ourselves..haha... Coz nobody in our adopted family can speak Malay. One of them can speak English,erm..for simple English...

4.  Food - Not bad, because our tourist guide are Cambodian, they know where is Halal restaurant. We ate Malaysian food for a few times. Cambodian traditional food also ok with me,i mean i can "melahapnya". quite sweet.. once,they served us porridge,very very sweet..i only took for 2@3 spoons,then, sorry..cannot be swallowed to my oesophagus... 

Last but not least, let me introduce VVIP n VIP for this trip.
Ustaz Azhar (pemilik eZQurban) n family

From left: DJ Hayati, Pengarah IKIMfm(Tuan Hj Nik Ruskiman), Abon (duta eZQ), DJ Irwan, DJ Faez

Deevotes.. duta EzQ

Pengarah program, saudara Faizal
Tour guide : En. Rozali n her sister Cik Halimah

Lastly, thank u very much to EzQurban, IKIMfm, nasyidfm, n all organizers that contributed to this programme. May ALLAH bless us.. Amin

- The end of Cambodia series -

Kembara Korban part 5

Now,the story on the last day in Cambodia...

8 November 2011 (Selasa) – Hari Raya Aidiladha Ketiga
5.00 pagi (Waktu Kemboja) : Berkumpul di lobi
                                                : Aktiviti Riadah

 join Cambodian do aerobic near lake

 dried corn 1000riel (for pigeons)
 ride trishaw back to hotel

7.00 pagi                                 : Sarapan pagi
8.00 pagi                                 : Aktiviti Bebas
went to Central Market again (last shopping)

11.00 pagi                               : Check out hotel
12.00 tengahari                       : Makan tengahari di restoran
1.00 petang                             : Solat Jama’ Zohor & Asar
1.30 petang                             : Bertolak ke Airport Phnom Penh
2.00 petang                             : Check In Flight
4.35 petang                             : Berlepas dari Phnom Penh
7.20 malam (Waktu Malaysia): Tiba di LCCT
                                                : Bersurai

OK dear,next post may b the conclusion about my visit to Cambodia..insyaAllah..

Monday, November 28, 2011

Kembara Korban part 4

Salam...ok,lets continue with part 4..

7 November 2011 (Isnin) – Hari Raya Aidiladha Kedua
7.00 pagi (Waktu Kemboja) : Sarapan pagi

 with our adopted family

8.00 pagi                                 : Bertolak pulang ke Bandar Phnom Penh

10.00 pagi                               : Melawat Russian Market

12.00 tengahari                       : Makan Tengahari di Restoran Rozali
1.00 petang                             : Check in New York Hotel
: Solat Jama’ Zohor & Asar
2.00 petang                             : Menaiki bot menyusuri Tonle Sap
6.00 petang                             : Makan malam
7.00 malam                              : Pulang ke hotel
                                                : Solat Jama’ Maghrib & Isya’
8.00 malam                              : Berehat

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kembara Korban part 3

Salam...i want to continue my story for kembara korban...=) Yeah,Hari Raya Aidiladha.. That was my first time not celebrating hari raya with my family.. However, it was a great time to celebrate hari raya with outsiders that we treat like our family..not bad at all...hehehe..

6 November 2011 (Ahad) – Hari Raya Aidiladha Pertama
7.00 pagi (Waktu Kemboja) : Sarapan pagi
8.00 pagi                                 : Solat Sunat Aidiladha Berjemaah di masjid

 9.00 pagi                                 : Perlaksanaan Ibadah Qurban di masjid
                                                : Gotong-royong melapah

:menaiki "remuk" mengelilingi kampung
11.00 pagi                               : Makan tengahari bersama orang kampung
12.00 tengahari                       : Solat Jama’ Zohor & Asar di masjid
1.00 petang                             : Aktiviti beramah mesra bersama orang kampung
                                                : Modul bersama kanak-kanak
                                                : Kelas bahasa bersama remaja
4.00 petang                             : Melawat sawah garam
                                               : ke pantai
6.00 petang                             : Makan malam
7.00 malam                              : Solat Jama’ Maghrib & Isya’
                                                : Kelas Al Baghdadi bersama masyarakat islam
 9.00 malam                              : Berehat

Completed???not yet  lor...will be continued soon for part 4...=)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kembara Korban part 2

Salam...i want to continue sharing my story in Cambodia..ok,here is the tentative
(copyright eZ Qurban website)

5 November 2011 (Sabtu)
7.00 pagi (Waktu Kemboja) : Berkumpul di lobi
7.30 pagi                                 : Sarapan pagi
8.00 pagi                                 : Bersiar-siar di Central Market

                      pictures taken at central market

11.00 pagi                               : Pulang ke hotel untuk check out
12.00 tengahari                       : Makan tengahari di restoran
1.00 petang                             : Solat Jama’ Zohor & Asar
2.00 petang                             : Bertolak ke KG. KEH menaiki bas

4.00 petang                             : Tiba di KG. KEH.
                                                : Pembahagian penginapan peserta
5.00 petang                             : Aktiviti bebas di sekitar kawasan kampung
6.00 petang                             : Makan malam
                                                : Solat Jama’ Maghrib & Isya’
8.00 malam                              : Konsert Amal oleh DEVOTEES

10.00 malam                            : Berehat

That's all for the second day in Cambodia..will continued for part 3 soon...=)