Monday, October 19, 2009


Salam..Dear readers.. I would like to share with u all about the discussion in our usrah 4 today n to reflect myself...,.First of all, thanks to ALLAH coz still give me chances to breath up till now and have the opportunity to join usrah this evening..Rasulullah s.w.t get the usrah directly from Allah s.a.w via Jibril ..and we get usrah from sister/brother, who's become naqib/, it's better if we 'niat' as to get one of sunnah rasulullah... Now, lets we think together, start from we wake up in the morning, how many "nikmats" we get from ALLAH? 1) nikmat of breathing..2) nikmat of eating..3) nikmat walking......4) nikmat listening...5)nikmat talking..6)nikmat seeing(as i'm rabun,alhamdulillah,not blind...) 7)nikmat submit asgnmt(yeah,no more asgnmnt 4 this sem)..n lots of other nikmats to type here,..
Surah Al-Mukminun, 1-11..
the characteristics of the faithful:
1) khusyuk dalam solat (learn how to achieve this..if still don't know how to be khusyuk, we must read the articles,books on how to khusyuk..)
2) menjauhkan diri dari p'buatan dan p'kataan yg tak b'guna(e.g:talking nonsense about someone..avoid make own conclusion badly for someone.we must THINK POSITIVE!!)
3) membayar zakat(up till now, my mom pay zakat fitrah for me..however,when we able to pay by ourself,we should do this)
4) memelihara kemaluan (to non-muhrim..all muslim must know this!)
5) memelihara amanat dan janji(as we promise to attend seminar@discussion at certain time, try our best to be on time..!)
6) memelihara solat(solat is very important although the 1st one already state about khusyuk in solat, this one specified on pelihara solat..that mean,solat on time and solat 5times a day no xcuse for no reason..)

ok..then,about time...about clock/watch...should we set our watch 5@10@30minutes earlier than standard time?, our naqibah told us a story that she got from her friend..actually, her friend's brother asked why her sis set up her watch earlier..i create the dialog to make this more clear:

Bro: Sis, why u adjust your watch to be earlier?
Sis: Just to make sure I prepared myself b4 the real time..
Bro: it like u cheat yourself, right?

Sis: What do u mean?

Bro: Well, u must realize the fact about time..if it's 5.00p.m., u can't say it's 5.15p.m....u must do whatever u need to do at 5.00p.m..the things around u don't evolved to be 5.15p.m..if u late on that time,u should hurry..n if u earlier, u still can do something else while waiting..Although u set your watch earlier, do u set in ur mind that ur watch is early?

Sis : hehe..honestly..sometimes,as I realize that my watch is early,then, I procrastine in doing i wake up,i remember that my watch early bout 15mnt,so i hm....

Bro : That's why i advise u not to do u set to standard time, u will know how to estimate time to do something..u must face the fact and try to become realistic..i mean, time is not a will not be late or earlier in reality..the problem is on how u manage your time..please dear, be honest to yourself and your time..

moral of the story:i know u hv your own opinion about this issue..however,don't take it for granted..if u want to make change, now is the perfect time..lets practise.. Actually, we have lots of discussion for 1 1/2hours..may b i will type again 4 nxt tm..for now, reflect ourselves with the things we have discussed above..k..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

RAYA .:. session5

Salam...raya party?? yeah..i never miss the raya celebration organised by UTM for students..So,for the 3rd time,I will not ignored this invitation..They prepared for 5000 visitors..
may be,this is the last post about raya as Syawal will end soon..=)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

RAYA .:. session4

Salam..yesterday,I went to Dewan Taman U,just a few minutes from JJ tmn U...
VIP: YB Hj Abd Fattah Mahmood, Pgrsi Jwtnkuasa Pmbgnn Insan,Belia,Sukan dan NGO Krjn Ngeri Kelantan
TQ for the meals n doorgift!!
* Markaz Siswazah Kelantan (MSK)
* Ikatan Mahasiswa Darul Naim (IMDAN)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

RAYA .:. session3

Salam..Last night,i joined LAYLU IQRA at Merdeka Hall,'s hari raya celebration and award night to the club committee, we were so happy as all the round tables full with the participants..when we go to some celebration@ceremony, we will be given door gift,right? so, for this event,they provided al-mathurat..i think it's a good idea n better than anything else like keychain@pen@note pad...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

.: LaYLu iQrA :.

let's join LaYLu iQrA while we can celebrate it together with another members of the club..i wanna join this..may b the last one b4 i leave UTM nxt yr..hehe (furthermore,my name's there(>,<)..look closely..although wrong spelling..)

Monday, October 5, 2009

RAYA .:. session2

on friday night, i was invited to Nunu's open room...n K.Fida's open house...
TQ for the invitation..(no pics here coz i don't bring my camera..)