Sunday, February 21, 2010

DiSaBLe ChiLdReN..

Yesterday, i went to Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association Johor Bahru, Selang..Thank to Mard for inviting me to join this programme.Actually, this programme organised by FKKKSA student..

most of the inmates here are Chinese and Indian

U can read more about this house from the web

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My HoLiDaY in BaTu PaHat..

Salam...last saturday,i went to dayah's house at Semerah,Batu Pahat..n stayed there for 4days..TQ to dayah n her family=)

dayah,k.bai,k.fida,dayu n farah also stop off at dayah's house on Saturday's noon..

eat rojak...

with dayah' little sis, anis n farah...talkactive gurlz.

Lastly, arigatou gozaimasu to everyone ...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My HomeworK...

under LCD,on the breadboard

u can c the serabut wires there

skodeng corner..

Just to show u all that i finished "cocok-cocok" di breadboard although the LCD still not working properly...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

.: DiLeMmA:.

SALAM..Entry for today =DILEMMA...Yeah,as final year student,it's time to think about my future when i finish my studies soon..So,if I want to apply for master in local university,i must to apply now..due date to register master course by coursework@mix mode for almost all ipta is in the end of Feb..So,apply now if u want to apply for that..Here are some links for local u:

But,i'm still dreaming to further my study oversea although i know i'm not qualified enough to apply..however,for master,i wish i could do something meaningful along the study period. I mean if i still study in local uni n stay in hostel,there is no different with my study for degree unless i rent a house n hv a car(in case when i hv my cnfdence in driving). If i can further in oversea, i wish i could rent a house,learn to cook(i couldn't do this in hostel in local u),learn how to communicate with other foreigner(as long as i live in M'sia,i don't hv strong willing to learn the other language coz Kelantanese language seems perfect to me(>;<), then, experiencing 4 seasons..So,that's must be wonderful life.. At the same time,lots of obstacles we must to overcome when we live in country which Muslim is minority,so, this will be challenging and testing our akidah as well..but,as Muslim,remember this:

"Berjalanlah di muka bumi dan perhatikanlah, bagaimana Allah memulai ciptaan, kemudian Ia mengulangi penciptaan itu sekali lagi. Sesungguhnya Tuhan Berkuasa atas segala sesuatu." (Al-Quran,29:19-20)

Then,when i think about this thing over n over, i would like to have a job right after graduate. huhu... but,the other people say that because i'm not too old yet,so it's better to further study first if i have an instinct to do that,.. however,i want to apply for job too..n make another evaluation if i get the conclusion,for the early step,apply everything that i'm qualified to apply,right??..then,lillahi tawakkal...

Monday, February 1, 2010


Salam...HSE4IP is not a singer nor a's stand for Health,Safety n Environment for Industrial Practices. Actually,it's one of the courses offered by SPACE UTM for undergraduate student to fullfil their graduate requirement(Degree++)..So,alhamdulillah, i get the chances to attend this course for 2days,30 n 31 Jan...The speaker: En. Ahmadon,a lecturer from Fac. of Civil Engnrg. U can click here to know more about the courses he cnducted..
my group:k.ida(fkm),rina(fppsm),mai&atiqah&a.j(fs)

I'm the one who write all the task that need to be prsnt in my group (>,<),although my hndwriting quite bad coz when i was a little,i'm dreaming to become a doctor,so,i'm practise dctr's hndwriting a long time ago..

my turn to prsnt...

Thank you to Mr. Ahmadon bin Bakri for your willingness to share with us your knowledge. I would like to recommend to those who want to register degree++, kindly to compete to register this course as u will be the luckiest one if u get it. The knowledge in safety can be applied for various field..This course is among the top course coz it's always full when we check at the SPACE website but must always check the latest update from the website as in crucial time, some stdnt cancel the registration and it will be a chance for u to log in n register quickly...