Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My reflection for 2012

want to blabber here..don't angry at me..
it's your choice to read or not..haha
ok, it has been a long time i don't write a "long" essay about my life here..
honestly speaking,i'm happy with my life now the way they r..
living in Sabah makes me become more independent and resourceful..
i still don't have a car till right now..but planning to  buy one next year,insyaAllah..
however,it's not a big problem for me..alhamdulillah,lots of kind people around me that willing to help me whenever i need their help..
for this 2 years, i never  rode on taxi to go the city...
but to go to airport,yes,sometimes i took taxi when i was the last one left the school...
i like the surrounding here...not so stressful.. 
the co-worker also ok..can negotiate with them..
life as a teacher is challenging,sure...
especially when u r  a warden..but u will gain lot of experiences then..
sometimes u can be as fierce as lion when u shout at them to go to surau, sometimes u need to act like shaman when someone histeria, sometimes u can be like a lovely mother to take care of your kids when they r sick..when u live together with them in the same gate at hostel,they will love to visit ur house..
easy for them to ask questions(for hrdworking stdnts)'s not a problm 4 me..
except those who want to watch tv at my house when all of my housemates r at home..that disturb our privacy,..but if i'm alone,then it's ok to accompany me n help me clean the house..^_^..

i remembered my friend,Siti told me when i asked her about tawau 
when i got offered here..
she said,tawau just like kota bharu.. don't worry too much..
then, when i stayed here, i realised that she told the truth... 
i mean the city not so developed as KL but still u can get what u want here...
easy access to airport, a few shopping complex(there's Giant hypermarket here k), but KB have a few more la... all banks hv the branch here-
maybank,bank islam,tbg haji,rhb,cimb n ext...
KFC,McD,Big Apple,Secret Recipe,Pizza Hut,Gardian,Watson-all are here..don't worry... 
what else do u want??may b coz i'm not so shopaholic, so i didn't care too much about branded items..if u love branded one,may b u preferred k.kinabalu instead of tawau.. 
if u come here,sure u will visit the fish market.. the price is so wonderful..
u still can get fish with the price rm2.00 per kilo..naaa!!
n there's pasar gantung,where u can buy brooch with pearls,
kain batiks n other accessories..

From the story above,it doesn't mean i don't want to go back to my hometown...
Like a quote says "Gold rain at other country,Stone rain at our country,however our county is better" -sounds weird???whatever..but i know u understand,right?!...>,<
do pray the best for me k... syukran jazilan...=)

Saturday, November 17, 2012


busy studying, learning, doing assignment n bla bla...
well, lot of memories remain in my mind and heart as well for 2012=)
n a few aims didn't accomplish by this year.. insyaAllah will be accomplished by next year..

with my homeroom students -Yale Uni.1 

with  my students - 4 creatiive