Wednesday, December 11, 2013

they came to tawau

Salam..happy holiday guys...
Alhamdulillah,on 20th to 26th nov,my mum and my 2 younger bro n sis came to tawau.
We had short holiday break here b4 i joined them go home on 26th nov..
For the first day after they arrived,we went to semporna..i booked dragon inn resort..not bad..good view n cheap rental fee.only rm80 per room.

That was my first time stayed in this resort as well..then we rode a boat to round the nearby island.
We stayed here for 1 night only..then back to tawau for the next day.we stopped by at bibik's corner restaurant to eat payau (rusa)
 Then,the rest of days i bring them look around tawau city at pasar gantung..pasar tanjung..
Hopefully they have fun here..=)

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